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Professor Brainard forgets to attend his own wedding for the third time, that’s right, THIRD. All because he invents this anti-gravity, own energy producing substance he calls Flubber. So, I get and agree that flubber is a totally awesome invention, but how is using Flubber on the basketball players shoes not cheating? It is cheating! And yet everyone is just like, oh yeah they can jump impossible high now and they won…we accept this victory! And Professor Brainard is just like, yeah that was Flubber, I did that. Yeah, you cheated! Your basketball team did not deserve to win. Anyway, that aside, the movie was ok. It did feel a little slow as some scenes went on way too long. And as a woman, I don’t know how you forgive a guy who didn’t show up to marry you three times, but whatever.



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