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This live-action version tells the story a bit differently than the others we have seen of the classic tale. After being separated and lost in the jungle as a child, Mowgli isn’t seen by man again until he is an adult. A girl and her father take Mowgli in, having known him as a young child, and teach him the ways of civilization. Wait… isn’t that just Tarzan you ask? Our thoughts exactly. I mean, there is still the Jungle Book aspects of Mowgli being raised by wolves, having his best friend Baloo and Bagheera. But there is an added Tarzan-esque story of Mowgli falling in love with the girl, becoming friends with her dad, and then there is this other guy. Played by Cary Elwes, (who is a pro at playing creepy jerks. Look it up) Boone¬†just wants to kill Mowgli so he can marry the girl and collect the lost treasure in the jungle. Speaking of actors, why was Mowgli played by a Chinese/Hawaiian man? Isn’t he supposed to be Indian? I mean, Jason Scott Lee wasn’t bad as Mowgli, but we can tell he is not Indian. Overall, this movie wasn’t the best, There are definitely better movies about The Jungle Book you can watch instead.


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