COCO (2017)

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We were so excited to finally go and see Coco. And when we did, it did not disappoint. The animation of the land of the dead is so beautiful. I loved the flower bridge! Coco is a wonderful story about a young boy, Miguel, who just wants to play music. His family, however, is against it since his great grandfather left his great grandmother to be a musician. Miguel ends up in the land of the dead where he meets his ancestors. They must work fast to get Miguel back to the living before he is trapped there forever. Meanwhile, Miguel is trying to get his ancestors to bless his quest to become a musician. What we love about the movie is how it is really just about a real family. Miguel’s family still works the trade that his great great grandmother did to support his family and they all seem happy to do so together. Miguel doesn’t even seem to mind, he just wants to be able to play music too. We also loved learning about Dias de los Muertos and the traditions of the holiday. It really is so beautiful. And I bet by the end of the movie, you will want a dog like Dante. If you haven’t seen “Coco” please see it! It really is a great movie!

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