A brother and sister visiting their grandpa end up witnessing some suspicious activity next door. They must work with their security service business owner grandpa to solve the case. This movie was boring. It was definitely the quality of a cheap, made for TV movie. The story was a bit absurd and the grandpa kinda drove us nuts. No need to watch this movie, but if you want to it is on Disney+.


Herbie is an other adventure, this time in South America. Let’s see, Herbie is on a boat, a little kid stows away in him, Herbie must protect the kid and save him and himself from the bad guys. Then eventually race in Brazil. While not the best movie it wasn’t as bad as others. It is okay to have watched once but don’t need to revisit. We recommend just sticking with Love Bug, the original Herbie movie and leave it at that.


Well Herbie is back and in this movie he is back to racing. Herbie’s driver is back to race him in the Monte Carlo Rally. Of course it can’t just be all about the racing because this is a Herbie movie. Thieve have hidden a stolen diamond in Herbie’s gas tank and must get it back. This movie kept us entertained enough all the way through. It was much better than Herbie Rides Again. If you want to watch a Herbie sequel, we say skip to this one.


Three orphaned kids are brought to stay with some guy and eventually they find a gold nugget. Don Knotts and Tim Conway perform some fun slapstick comedy as two bumbling thieves trying to steal the nugget from the bank. The movie was fun enough and we could watch it again. If you are a fan of Don Knotts and Tim Conway, you would enjoy it. Check it out at least once.


Herbie is back but…why. In this movie, Herbie’s owner from the first movie is off in Europe racing foreign cars now. So right away you’re thinking, “well that is stupid. Why did he abandon Herbie?” But then the movie gets worse because Herbie doesn’t even race in this movie. The plot in this film has the same bad guy from the first movie who wants to develop land to build a shopping center. But he faces a problem when the old firehouse that Herbie and and old lady reside in refuse to leave. The movie was just boring and ridiculous. We want to see Herbie do what Herbie does best. Race!


Based off of the short in Fantasia, this movie stars Nicholas Cage as the sorcerer and Jay Baruchel as his apprentice. It’s a decent film that held our interest. It was fun to watch the scene that nods to the animated classic as the apprentice uses magic to animate the brooms that soon start flooding the room. So if you find yourself wondering if you should take the plunge to finally watch this movie, sure go ahead. Just don’t expect something you’ll want to watch again and again.