This movie was an interesting watch. It’s based off of a true story about a Danish family who hides their Jewish friends in their attic and tries to help them escape the Nazis. This made for TV movie isn’t top notch but it was a fine watch. It’s one you could check out at least once. It may be too stressful or boring for young children though.


We are big fans of the animated The Lion King and were so excited for this live action remake. That being said…it wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t great either. It was almost a shot for shot remake of the animated movie. I think what makes a good and fun remake is being close enough to the original that you can be fan-girling over it and yet also have a new twist or new storyline that makes it unique and separate. It is about finding that balance. This Lion King was almost so exact, that it made us just want to watch the original instead. You can still watch it and enjoy the incredible CGI, but ultimately we would say just stick the animated classic.


As a kid, I remember liking this movie, but it not being one of my favorites. I feel the same about it as an adult. The movie is entertaining enough. The setup of it all is similar to Mary Poppins. An adult woman with powers takes kids on magical adventures, musical numbers and live action mixed with animation There was an underwater scene that was my favorite part as a kid. But there are also a lot of talking and slow parts that kids may get bored in between. It is one to check out if you haven’t seen it before.