Lu, a young orphan, finds a panda cub who has been separated from his mother. Lu tries to protect the cub from some men who aim to poach the panda cub.  This movie wasn’t the worst but it also wasn’t great. Kids would get bored as it is pretty slow and a lot of talk. The story was interesting enough that we were able to get through the movie once, but don’t need to ever see it again.


A boy, Jack, from Boston runs away from home to go to California for the Gold Rush. He hopes to get gold to help pay his family’s debts. Bullwhip, the family butler leaves to find Jack and bring him home safe. This movie is all about the slapstick, physical performances as the characters go on a grand adventure. It is very over the top and silly, but not great. It made us laugh a moment here and there, but it’s mostly just cheesy and ridiculous.


A Disneynature film about, you guessed it, Penguins! Penguins are adorable. There is no debate on the subject. The opening of this film is absolutely THE BEST! I had to rewind it right away and watch it again. But of course, as many nature documentaries there are sad parts that will leave an animal loving heart broken. The film is very informative and we enjoyed it. Definitely recommend for others to check out.


When Tyler finds an alien spaceship, he goes through puberty and grows overnight and inherits some newfound powers. When Tyler is kidnapped by aliens, his brother Nick must repair the found UFO to find and save Tyler. Oh and also save the world from being taken over by aliens. The UFO they found is a good UFO though. He helps the brothers and seems to be a being all on it’s own. This movie, however, was so bad! The CGI was cheap looking, the story was dumb and and we were just not into it at all. Kudos to the production team for actually filming this over a long enough time that the actor playing Tyler actually did grow older so when his character ages overnight, it was actually him pre and post puberty.