A Disney+ original, this movie is about a…well…a secret society of second born royals. Second born royals apparently get super powers and must join this society to learn how to use them, protect their kingdoms and ultimately the world. It was cheesy and pretty predictable. The scene where each kid has a turn to use their powers as part of the big plan was a bit of a stretch. I know you have to have each kid have a role but it was so forced. We didn’t hate it, but we didn’t love it.

MULAN (2020)

The latest live action remake of a Disney classic. While this version does not beat out the animated version, we really enjoyed it. The action sequences were amazing and the cinematography was absolutely gorgeous! I know that a lot of people were missing Mushu, and to be honest, so was I. However, Mulan is what this movie is about and she doesn’t disappoint. I definitely think this is one to show the little girls to show that women can do anything they want! It isn’t a perfect movie, but we recommend to check it out.