We are Taylor Swift fans so we were very excited for this. It was really interesting to watch Taylor and her co-writers talk about the process and story behind the songs. That being said, while we quite enjoyed this movie, it did get a little long. I think this movie is one that can be watched in pieces or to have on in the background while you are doing other things. Kids may enjoy the music but we think they’ll get bored at the talk in between. If you are a Taylor Swift fan, definitely check this out!! If not, it is OK to pass.


Oh look, a nice little pioneer story. So this family is going to track across the country to California. That will be a tough journey. Wait. WAIT!! You’re going with the Donners?? Don’t go with the Donner party!!! NO!!! Well, you did it. You went with the Donners. In spite of going with the Donner party, however, this movie was pretty boring and cheesy. They only mention the cannibalism briefly, so I don’t think young kids would be too traumatized, but they will for sure be bored. But props for it getting me to research more about the Reed family to learn about them and what really happened.


Ivan is an ape that performs daily at a little circus show inside a mall. When the show is struggling to stay afloat, its discovered that Ivan can draw. Will his art skills save the show? Or will Ivan even want the show to be saved after making a promise to set a young elephant free? The movie was fine enough. Okay to have seen once but not one that I need to rewatch or to tell others they need to see.

CLOUDS (2020)

A film about a teenage boy with cancer who writes a song with his best friend that goes viral. Based on a true story, the movie is pretty inspiring but overall for us just OK. I feel like the movie would have been really good if it was cut down by 20 or 30 minutes. It got a little long and repetitive at times. So we found ourselves getting a little bored. If it was just trimmed down a bit, it would have been great.