SOUL (2020)

Soul is a Pixar film about a man who dies just when he seems to have caught his big break. He meets 22, a soul who hasn’t been born yet and doesn’t want to be. The concept is really interesting as these characters form an alliance based on their opposite desires. I feel like this is a movie that cannot be viewed just once. It wasn’t one I fell in complete love with right away. I enjoyed it for sure, but the more I contemplate it, the more I believe it’s one that you will catch and understand more things as you rewatch it.


Godmother is about Eleanor, a young Fairy Godmother in training. All she wants to do is bring some girl, any girl, her happily ever after. This movie wasn’t terrible. It was pretty sweet and there were some decent funny moments. Jillian Bean who played Eleanor was perfect for the role. But I feel like they could’ve had a little more fun with this movie. The flow also felt a little off. It felt kinda choppy. We say give this one a shot, but don’t feel terrible if you pass it up.